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She might be №30 by Hoenn favorites, but she’s №1 in my heart

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Team Roadkill

Seeing Obstagoon made me so hyped for a potential 4-member PMD team!! They mainly go on missions to capture criminals, quite literally to make them face the music.

Main leader is vocalist Lycanroc, then we have drummer Pangoro, keyboardist Mightyena and the second in command, guitarist & vocalist Obstagoon!

Team Roadkill may seem crass and dangerous, but they're very nice and sweet :>c

hey so its a bootleg Sylveon

supposed to be some sort of pokesona but i think she looks way too much like Sylveon on her own so im still working on her design ooF

idk how tags work uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Watching detective pikachu rlly made me think abt who my partner pokemon would be!!

You either mine, or you craft, dude.