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Aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you just wanna go apeshit?

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as soon as a woman picks up a sword i fall in love

If I make more than 1 blog I will explode.

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people be like “be gay do crime” and then won’t accompany me to do some fun and sexy homosexual graffiti. what? you too good for vandalism?

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dragon babey for shay.......

Currently bloodthirsty but doing OK!


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If you draw please reblog this. I want to follow as many art blogs as possible.

Just no NSFW please

Finally, a website that doesn't suck ass and lets me swear properly.

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something i did for mermay that i thought i might as well post here :)

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Hey fellas

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reblog this with ur oc ref or oc and i'll probably draw them because i need the practice and i need to post more u_u

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Here's mine! She's got a toyhou.se for extra examples.

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might as well start with some art, right?

(taken from my hellsite blog, abcxii)

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Watching detective pikachu rlly made me think abt who my partner pokemon would be!!