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Poppee the performer!

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okay let's try this

russian activist Julia Tsvetkova (Юлия Цветкова) is facing 6years in prison for allegedly "spreading pornography". Her real crime was making VK pages posting art of different female bodies and female reproductive system in educational and bodypositive way. She is also an lgbt+ activist and she educated children about gender stereotypes.

today her team is making a media strike to make more people learn about her case so i guess i'll join (but i am not monitoring this closely because health, so don't ask me)

change.org petition: http://www.change.org/freeyulia

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Reblog if you're planning to participate in Artfight 2020!

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And if you feel so inclined, I encourage ya'll to put your artfight username in a comment or reblog.

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I'm Phantomflame03 on art fight! Same as here and everywhere 😅

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i'm luxluminous and i'm gonna try and participate, other circumstances allowing!

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I'm gonna participate this year! KingHelios33 on Art Fight!

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im not sure if ill be able to, but i suppose it wont hurt to attempt it. p sure im still opportunity over there ^^

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Really tried with the color scheme, but I apologize for the graphic design vomit. I haven't designed anything in so long, it's bad. lol.

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Trigger Tigershark

An old splatoon oc I redesigned. She runs a small street concessions stand. Buy a hotdog from her. Shoplift if u want to perish.

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Where the Music Takes Me


She might be №30 by Hoenn favorites, but she’s №1 in my heart

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Team Roadkill

Seeing Obstagoon made me so hyped for a potential 4-member PMD team!! They mainly go on missions to capture criminals, quite literally to make them face the music.

Main leader is vocalist Lycanroc, then we have drummer Pangoro, keyboardist Mightyena and the second in command, guitarist & vocalist Obstagoon!

Team Roadkill may seem crass and dangerous, but they're very nice and sweet :>c

Art fight revenge attack on Umbre! Might post my other attacks later.