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Sometimes i am worried about enjoying some Russian experiences. Stereotypes this, совок that... Problematic, i know, look. I know damn well I live in a trashcan, that's not stopping me from admiring the shiny things that fall into that trashcan from time to time. Okay? Okay.

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Team Roadkill

Seeing Obstagoon made me so hyped for a potential 4-member PMD team!! They mainly go on missions to capture criminals, quite literally to make them face the music.

Main leader is vocalist Lycanroc, then we have drummer Pangoro, keyboardist Mightyena and the second in command, guitarist & vocalist Obstagoon!

Team Roadkill may seem crass and dangerous, but they're very nice and sweet :>c

Art fight revenge attack on Umbre! Might post my other attacks later.

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if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get me a sword

Oh, commision time?

Hello there. Why am I opening commisions? Two reasons: 1) not enough money. Like all the time. We do have enough to pay bills and buy food, but that's all. 2) dying laptop. It's old as hell, it lags a lot, half of its keyboard keys just don't work. I'm sure I'll need a new pc soon.

So yeah. Commision me. Reblogs aren't necessary, but very appreciated.

hey so its a bootleg Sylveon

supposed to be some sort of pokesona but i think she looks way too much like Sylveon on her own so im still working on her design ooF

idk how tags work uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you just wanna go apeshit?

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I'm kind of sad that I'm abandoning tumblr, but this site has so much potential and I really want it to do well.

Anyways I'm Chancey, I used to have 3000 followers on tumblr (stupid flex but ok) so I made a blog dedicated to sharing smaller artists and fostering a creative, supportive community @introvertartstudent. I'll be doing that here as well! So as always, feel free to submit things or tag me in your art and I'll feature it on this blog. This includes music, photography, fiber work, writing, oc's,fanart, sculpture, traditional and digital art, ball jointed dolls,etc..

I don't do ince/st, r/ape, etc. If you need something tagged, please let me know I'll try my best. I know there isn't a black list feature yet but I can work around some things

Please share this if you're an artist so that I can follow you!